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Sue Cole
Director, Sales & Marketing
Essoula, Inc.

Essoula Launches Comfort™, the First and Only Aromatherapy Enhanced Ultrasound Transmission Gel

Seattle, WA – April 26, 2005 – Essoula, Inc. (http://www.essoula.com), the discoverer and sole developer of aromatherapy enhanced ultrasound gels, announces the launch of its first ultrasound gel product, Comfort Gel. Comfort is a FDA 510K registered product that was tested at Tox Monitor Laboratories in Oak Park, IL, where it was found to be non-dermal sensitizing and hypo-allergenic. Comfort is also water soluble and safe to use on all external ultrasound transducers according to manufacturers' specifications. In addition, Comfort has received very high ratings from patients. In more than 800 patient surveys conducted, greater than 99% of patients said that they would choose Comfort over the ordinary gel and that Comfort helped them to relax during ultrasound exams.

"As a registered sonographer with over twenty years experience performing ultrasound exams, I've seen the results of anxiety in the ultrasound patient. When patients can’t relax, they move around a lot and are less likely to listen to the sonographer’s instructions. This often results in sub-optimal imaging, making the diagnosis more difficult," says Rita Chew, RDMS, RDCS, RVT and co-founder, Essoula, Inc. Adds Tina Modrovich, well-known aromatherapist and co-founder, "The aromas of essential oils extracted from plants such as lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium and rose have been proven to raise serotonin levels in the brain. When released into the brain, serotonin induces relaxation, which, for purposes of the ultrasound exam, results in better patient compliance and ultimately, in optimal scan results."

From the beginning, say the two women, the comfort of the patient has been their number-one priority. This is especially important now, when ultrasound is being used in a wide range of areas including diagnostic and elective pre-natal scans, pediatric ultrasound exams, abdominal, testicular, and gynecological exams, exams to detect various cancers (including breast cancer), procedures for evaluating and treating thyroid conditions (including biopsies), physical therapy and sports medicine procedures that diagnose and/or treat musculoskeletal injuries, scans to identify cardiac problems, and in vascular exams. Ultrasound is also being used in wound mapping, ultrasonic skin rejuvenation treatments, and in laser hair removal.

In its testing phase, Comfort received high ratings from physicians, sonographers and clinicians who found the gel not only relaxing but easier to work with when compared to standard gel. "Essoula’s Comfort Gel is smoother, makes scanning easier, and doesn’t dry into a powder", says Dr. Ben Harmon, MD, MBA, RDMS, RVT of Radia Medical Imaging, Everett, WA. "Subjectively", adds Harmon, "children and obstetric patients enjoy the Comfort ultrasound experience more than when scanned with the standard gel."

Comfort currently retails at $3.97 per 250 ml bottle. Quantity discounts are available. For more information, please contact Essoula at 800-906-8320.

About Essoula
Founded by Rita Chew and Tina Modrovich in 2004, Essoula, Inc. is the discoverer and sole developer of aromatherapy enhanced ultrasound gels. The company’s products provide a non-pharmaceutical solution for helping anxious patients relax, resulting in a more pleasurable ultrasound experience for both patient and clinician.

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